e-Commerce Website creation / Erstellung einer e-Commerce Website / 电子商务网站创建
January 31, 2020
XCAPE eScooter sourcing from China / XCAPE eScooter Beschaffung aus China / XCAPE eScooter 从中国采购
January 31, 2020
Card Payment Terminal / Karten Zahlungs Terminal / 卡支付终端

Card Payment Terminal / Karten Zahlungs Terminal / 卡支付终端

The other day, a Restaurant owner contacted us in need of new IT Infrastructure. Our CEO arranged a meeting with him and drove to that Restaurant. They sat down having a coffee talking about the specific requirements.
The Restaurant owner explained to our CEO, that he wants to offer a Guest WiFi for his guest when eating and that he needs new printers, tablets for ordering, tablets as a replacement for the old school menus, new computers, and new Card payment processors. Our CEO made a rough list of machines needed taking into consideration the available space and other factors.
Once our CEO arrived back at his office, he started to create a list of devices needed, including their prices. He checked multiple sources online and offline alike. This list was sent to the restaurant owner for approval. He was happy, and our CEO ordered the Hardware. Two days later, the Hardware arrived at our office; our CEO started to install the new computers with all System needed so far possible when not in the local network. Next, our CEO discussed the perfect time with the restaurant owner for the Hardware swap.
Once on-site, our CEO started to connect setup the new Modem Router in order to have a better and more reliable Internet Connection. He further connected the new computers and printers to the network and set up the drivers for the printers on the computers. He created the non-Admin accounts for all the employees in order to have them login using their credentials. Once everything was set up, our CEO set up Guest WiFi. Guest now, can log in and surf an hour for free after clicking all mandatory fields required. Since they are in a different network than the internal systems, they can not get access to the cashier computer or any other devices and the Guest WiFi now, has a unique profile, disallowing illegal sites and sites using too much traffic. The last thing left was the set up the new payment processors for card payments. The shop owner has decided to go with a wireless system where each employee has his/her own account to later check on who made the most profit. Further, he decided to have another system with a built-in SIM-Card for payments off-sites, e.g. for his new food truck. Now he can accept card payments here as well. The Shop owner was pleased with the new Hardware that he decided to hire us to manage his Social Media appearance, to build him a new website with doing loads of graphics works for him by designing new and stunning menus, flyers, and much more.

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