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We are a young and dynamic IT services company. Our dynamic nature is proven by the fact that our founder and CEO has worked for and with many international companies in Shanghai, Beijing, New York and Hamburg. He hired people from almost across the globe to complete specific tasks.
Our company is based in Germany with a strong affiliation with China as well. We are open to provide services to clients all across the globe. Security of clients’ company and personal data is one of our highest bids for us. Therefore, we store all our clients’ data and files on a dedicated European Server with heavy encryption.

On a company level, we might be regarded as a new “start-up”, but on an individual basis, like our founder and freelancers we work with, each of us has an experience of minimum ten years. We believe in “United we Stand, Divided we fall”, so all the experts of the relevant fields have united to stand out our position in the field of IT and other related services offered by us.
Our company works with freelancers who are specialists in their relevant fields. The level of professionalism, reliability and passion for work of these freelancers is almost on a professional degree which is very rare to find in typically salaried employees. The best part is that even though, we work with freelancers, we can offer more compatible prices than most of the cost us less than the salaried employees, thus enabling us to pass the cost-benefit to our clients.
Our clients’ get the expert work done at the comparatively lower price because of that “cost-benefit”. If you require any sample of work for your reference or a quotation for some work, please feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp or call on the number provided at the top of the website page.

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Our clients’ get the expert work done at the comparatively lower price because of that “cost-benefit”.

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