tips for sourcing from the People's Republic of China / Tips für die Beschaffung von Waren aus der Volksrepublik China / 从中华人民共和国采购的提示
Five Tips to Guide You When Looking for Sourcing from China
January 31, 2020
Chinese Tea / Chinesischer Tee / 中国茶

Chinese Tea / Chinesischer Tee / 中国茶

Tea is considered to be the national beverage in China. Along with its importance in the Culture of China, it also provides health benefits to all people. These health benefits make Chinese tea a popular beverage all around the world. Various types of Teas are available in China, which grown, processed and prepared in the People’s Republic of China. These tea types are different from each other in terms of processing and fermentation. Here is the list of different classes of Chinese tea given below;

Green Tea

Green Tea is a very famous and ancient type of tea in China. People in China have been enjoying this type of tea for several years. It gets made from the tea leaves, and the new tea leaves shoots of this plant. These leaves and shoots dry and are then processed according to the way people like it. Preparation of Green tea gets divided into different sections, mainly removing water from leaves, rolling tea leaves, and then drying the leaves. West Lake Dragon Well Tea is the most popular green tea produced in Hangzhou.

Yellow Tea

Damp tea leaves are allowed to dry naturally in the preparation of yellow tea. Its flavor is similar to the white and green teas of China. However, its distinctive aroma is identical to the red tea. It has the traditional imperial color, which describes its high-quality when tea makers serve it to the Chinese emperors. Junshan Yinzhen is the most popular Chinese yellow tea

White Tea

Chinese white tea does not resort to health and it is unfermented Chinese green tea. Tea makers quickly dry up to ready white tea. This tea is lighter in color with a delicate flavor and subtle. Poor Chinese people have given this tea a name “White Tea,” who offered simply boiled water to their all guests in place of tea. They did it when they had no tea to serve their guests, and they started calling it “White Tea.” Silver Needle and White Peony are two popular and tasty brands of Chinese White Tea.

Oolong Tea

People in China also call Oolong tea as blue tea. This tea is also not fermented and comes with several unique characteristics that people of China found in their tea. It gets made by blending red and green teas. This tea contains the best flavours and aroma of both beverages. Most people in China call it “green leaves with a red edge.” Two most popular Oolong Teas in China are Dongding Oolong Tea and enshan Boazhong Tea.

Black Tea

Black Tea comes under the second-biggest category of Chinese tea. This gets made from the new tea leaves. In the process of preparing this tea, tea leaves are firstly wilted, rolled, and then fermented and dried. Keemum is a famous brand of Black tea in China.

Dark Tea

Dark tea undergoes a fermentation process by bacteria. Its process includes removing of water, rolling tea leaves for first-time, and heaping the leaves, rolling the leaves for the second time, baking them, and then drying the leaves completely. Anhua dark tea, Guangxi Liubao tea, Sichuan Tibetan tea, and Hubei Laobian tea are some common brands of dark tea in China. .
These are the most popular teas in China, you must try when you visit China. All these are related to each other in one way or the other. Most of these get prepared from the new shoots of tea leaves. You would even be enjoying them by reading the article, so think what if you get a chance all these.
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