Languages spoken in China / Sprachen, welche in China gesprochen werden / 在中国使用的语言
Languages spoken in China
January 31, 2020
branding services for a Startup / Branding Dienstleistungen für ein Startup / 为初创企业提供品牌服务
January 31, 2020
fabrics and clothing sourcing / Beschaffung von Stoffen und Kleidung / 面料和服装采购

fabrics and clothing sourcing / Beschaffung von Stoffen und Kleidung / 面料和服装采购

We received an email from a private label clothes shop owner who wanted to purchase some clothes from China. They had never imported anything before and did not have the proper legal documents for importing, so they required our sourcing services.
We replied to the email inquiring about the product details, quantities, quality and the time when they need it. We prefer having some physical samples or at least some photographs which will help in identifying their requirements more aptly. They invited us to visit their shop where they showed us the products that are sold by them, the quality, that is generally maintained and detailed us about the audience they plan to engage. The client wanted us to make the selection using the best of our judgment. We offered our client two sourcing venues- whether he wants to source from only China or is he interested in other countries as well. He wanted to limit his search to China only. He preferred having our agent to do the exploration for new, creative and unique designs on various online platforms in order to present the best products matching his requirements.
Before we could settle on pricing terms, we wanted to make sure that he finds interest in our shortlisted designs. Within a week, our potential manufacturers sent us some physical samples through express delivery and also available other designs and colours via a colour book. The shop owner made his selection and was ready to order.
We offered him the pricing options, which are either fixed or on a percentage basis. He made his choice, and we were good to go for the order. Our agent in China did all the purchase, inspection, quality assessment and shipping of the products. The shop owner had his products within two weeks of confirmed shipment.
Let us quote his actual words “I never knew sourcing products from China could be so easy and hassle-free. All thanks to the Schildt Consulting IT Services. Thank you”. After all our hard work, these compliments make us feel good to strive for success even more.

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