teaching Seniors the magic of WhatsApp, WeChat/WeiXin, Windows and more / Senioren die Magie von WhatsApp, WeChat/WeiXin, Windows und mehr beibringen / 向老年人传授WhatsApp、微信/伟信、视窗等的魔力
January 31, 2020
Card Payment Terminal / Karten Zahlungs Terminal / 卡支付终端
January 31, 2020
e-Commerce Website creation / Erstellung einer e-Commerce Website / 电子商务网站创建

e-Commerce Website creation / Erstellung einer e-Commerce Website / 电子商务网站创建

An export house dropped his number on our social media page. We contacted him to know that he requires a website for his company. Our first line of questions is whether he requires a simple webpage with 4 to 8 pages containing all information about his company or does he require an e-commerce webpage where customers can do transactions on his products as well.
Understanding his requirement, we suggested him two to three options with different pricing details. He selected one of our services and then we were good to go for the next set of work. Phase two is designing for which we asked our client to fill up a questionnaire asking about his idea, any other website, preferred colours, typography, logo source file availability, and much more. Our web designers worked based on his requirements and the questionnaire set to build a custom design for his review. He was contacted after two days to review the design so that it can be handed over to our web developers. He was almost 95% satisfied with our design with just minute alterations that took another 10 minutes to get that 100% satisfaction level. Next, we asked him about the content to be filled. He gave us the company prospectus and hired our content writers to write some good quality SEO content for his website. Our web developers started working on bringing the web design to make it into a fully working website. We sat down again with our client providing him with a private URL to preview and test his new site. We even asked him to check the website on his Smartphone, tablet or laptop just in case to have a perfect website view in all such devices.
After listening to his feedback, we started working upon it; we asked him whether he had a domain or not. He did not, so we offered him our recommend domain names after doing some research for him. Luckily we found the perfect domain name that we could acquire for him. So now it is time for the launch to make the site live all over the world. Our web developers completed all their technical work, loaded the website content to the webserver that we acquired for our client and imported the database. Next, we started to thoroughly check the website for any errors like broken links, missing images, and more.
We called our client to check the website by himself as well. He was happy to see his business now being accessible throughout the world. We gave him a training call to make him understand how to manage his website. In return, we got a contract from him for regular support on his website.
We felt that good work done is appreciated by everyone. Moreover, even when the work is completed, it is just the beginning.

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