Card Payment Terminal / Karten Zahlungs Terminal / 卡支付终端
January 31, 2020
sourcing electric wheelchair engines / Beschaffung von elektrischen Motoren für Rollstühle / 采购电动轮椅发动机
January 31, 2020
A few months back, a friend came to our CEO in order to run a project together. Our CEO always was eager to work with China, and his friend decided to order eScooter, aka electric scooters from China. Our CEO was with him in China to source clothes, so our CEO decided to contact a few contacts in order to meet with a few manufacturing companies for eScooter and eBikes.
The next day, both went to a neighbouring province to meet the owner of a young company producing eScooter and eBikes. They had met for lunch and dinner several times in order to finaluíze a deal for the European rights for that eScooter. They flew home to Germany and thought about it in more details and the friend of our CEO decided to make our CEO a partner and the lead project manager in this project. They both flew over and signed the confidentiality agreement and the distribution contract in order to secure the rights on the European market for the new project.
Once they returned to Germany, they had to prepare the arrival of the first eScooter called XCAPE. Our CEO created the marketing material, social media presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Xing, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Furthermore, our CEO created the Website, including the Online shop. Once the first eScooters arrived they went to TÜV – the german authority (valued worldwide) for allowing new products into traffic – they negotiated, made changes to the product and in the end received the TÜV certificate aka the allowance to use European streets legally.They started to visit trade fairs, visit bikes, eBike, Scooter and eScooter shops in the whole of Europe to market their product. They initially had loads of people being paralysed about that product and off course people that were sceptical. In the end, our CEO decided to step back in order to found the Schildt Consulting IT Services and to specialise in sourcing various products from Asia and the rest of the world. The project is still alive and can be found here:
A resume from our CEO:

“It was fun and challenging the same time to introduce a product like this into a market that was not ready yet for those kinds of products. I though stepped down with a heavy heart, in order to start something new, the Schildt Consulting IT Services.”

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