Five Tips to Guide You When Looking for Sourcing from China

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October 11, 2019
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You may get confused by the process of sourcing from China when you look for buying and importing goods from China. China is a country with a vast amount of manufacturers, of various products. Communicating can become the most significant barrier among buyers and suppliers, though basically at every company, you will find one speaking at least very little English. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an e-commerce enthusiast, you need to learn the process and guidelines of sourcing from China, so that you can enjoy more profits. Before everything, you need to have the right method and strategy to avoid common mistakes. If you do not have a proper plan, you could even miss out the best opportunity available to you. Here is a list of five tips for guiding you, when you are looking for sourcing from China directly or through a top-rated Chinese sourcing agent

1. It will be best if you spend a little bit of time to look for the right supplier.

Many people do not even know where to start researching products and suppliers when they begin with the idea of sourcing from China. However, you must understand that there are not only manufacturers but trading companies as well.

2.After looking for the suppliers, verify them

After investing a bit of time in researching a supplier that produces the product you want to have, check them out. You should know whether the supplier is a factory or they have the technical expertise to deliver goods. You can also know the Chinese name of the factory, its official office, and its location in China. Have a Credit Report prepared about your supplier. You can use the factory’s registration record to verify all their details.

3.Check if they are providing quality directly proportional to the cost

When looking for a supplier in China, you should always already know what exactly you need. Low cost of manufacturing goods is the primary reason behind this. Sometimes the total cost of goods remains less even by adding shipping charges. So, every supplier or producer in China must have a price floor to show that the minimum value of the production of Chinese goods. If you research the cost of raw materials used in manufacturing Chinese products, you may get to know the real cost of final goods produced in China.

4.Communicate clearly

While sourcing products in Asia and especially in China, you must be well-versed with spoken English and preferably a bit of Chinese. In general, you can find one employee at every company that at least speaks very little English. At some bigger Companies, you will find better English communication skills.

5.Check for quality control inspections.

You need to inspect the quality control reports of the Chinese suppliers to make good relationships with them. By doing so, you will get surety about the quality of the product that you are going to source from China.
These tips would help you surely in the business of sourcing from China directly and through global sourcing agents. Along with these tips, you need to take care of lots of research for sourcing from China. Sourcing agents like sourcing Allies has a team of professionals in China that helps purchasers through providing quotes, managing the complexities. They also evaluate factories, shipping and transportation, quality control inspections, and ensure that goods arrive at your place.
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