We got contacted by a company that was short-handed. They needed to create lead lists to contact potential leads with printed material of their product via postal service. We helped out and helped them grow by reaching more potential leads.
They told us that they offer an e-bike, with great new features. Therefore, they want to contact all bicycle stores in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland via postal service. One of our graphics guys started to create a fantastic postcard for their e-bike, while the Virtual Assistant started to scrap the data from relevant websites like yellow pages into an excel file. Inside this excel file, the Virtual Assistant created columns for Name of the business, contact person, phone number, email. Street, city, postal code, country, and URL. He filled those with the scrapped data from the internet.
After we verified the data, we delivered the work to the client in order to make the next step with them. We created the mass mailing with the German, Austrian and Switzerland postal service. Now, they decided they could use us to help them on social media, running their WhatsApp Business Account, sending out more information via eMail if requested, answering emails, taking phone calls, and more.

Thank you for this great working atmosphere and professionalism.
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