Virtual Assistance Service for a new eBike Manufacturer / Virtuelle Assistenten Dienstleistungen für einen neue eBike Hersteller / 为新的电子自行车制造商提供虚拟协助服务
February 1, 2020
Domain Sales / Domain Verkäufe / 域名销售
February 11, 2020
Daminion Server DAM-System on monitor / Daminion Server DAM-System auf einem Monitor / 显示器上的Daminion Server DAM系统

Daminion Server DAM-System on monitor / Daminion Server DAM-System auf einem Monitor / 显示器上的Daminion Server DAM系统

A while ago, we got contacted by a local photographer. He was still going old school with saving and managing the photos of his clients. It was our duty to upgrade him to the next age by implementing a Digital Asset Management System.
Since we are big fans of the famous Daminion Server, we recommended him to purchase a license for it and to have us set it up for our client. Daminion Server is a Digital Asset Management System or in short DAM-System. Our client had roughly 500.000 photos, 40.000 Documents, and about 10.000 Videos. It was our clients' requirement, that all these files should be managed from one Software and to be accessible from outside his home network.
We checked his server and decided that it was a bit old. We talked to him and offered to find him the best machine for his needs and his wallet. Once the new machine got delivered, we installed Windows 10 Professional 64bit. We could have used Windows Server as well, but the client preferred Windows 10 Professional. We then started to install the AntiVirus Software and created the network shares. Now, it was time to install the mighty Daminion Server System. It took roughly about 10 minutes including the restart of the server machine.
We now did a few final setup steps like naming the catalogue, setting up users and the Web Access feature. Further, we had to import a list of hierarchical categories; we install on every machine. The client can use that to categorize photos and other media files easily. We were almost good to go; we just needed to import the files. Since this would take quite some time, we demonstrated our client how the import process is started. We will do the next batch via remote access. So we started with the first batch, we kept his folder structure, but due to the new DAM-System the client can now, once done with tagging, our client can now search for people, Locations (Country, State/Province, City, Location), copyrights, client name, collections and more. Further, the client can use colour tags and create custom tags.
Once all files had were imported, we returned to our clients' office and set up the new backup system to run according to the needs of the client. We optimized the SQL-Database hosting all information. Now, we started to show our client how to use this neat software properly. We scheduled the next meeting to give him some more insides and to train him even more.
After a few weeks of continues training, he called us and thanked us again for suggesting him Daminion Server. He especially likes, that Daminion Server does not do any photo editing but keeps its function limited to storing and sorting files and that he can by using the web access feature give his clients the possibility to check the photos and videos he made during weddings and other occasions.

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