Technology has influenced the lives of everyone, and hence, we cannot do much without it. SCHILDT CONSULTING – IT SERVICES offers technical support so that our client’s everyday work becomes smoother and with fewer risks. We even offer training courses for seniors that finally want to get started with modern technology.

Program setup

We can install and configure Software like AntiVirus, Microsoft Office, Photo and Video Management Software like the famous Daminion Digital Asset Management System, Adobe Creative Suite and others according to our client’s needs.

Hardware setup

No matter which new Hardware our clients got. Laptops, PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Printers, Scanners, Routers, WiFi access points and more. We can set them up for our clients.
securing the IT-systems of a tax consultancy firm / die IT-Systeme einer Steuerberatung absichern / 保护税务咨询公司的 IT 系统


We can help our clients to set up WhatsApp or WeChat accounts to connect to their family and friends everywhere in the world. Alternatively, we can train our clients in performing specific tasks of their choice on their device.

Other Services

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