A friend of our CEO contacted us in order to organise an engine for his wheelchair in order to electrify it. With that neat piece of technique, our CEOs friend could be more mobile and better take part in daily life.
Our CEO started to research the best available products of those kinds and found some fascinating ones. They sat down together to discuss which of these products our CEOs friend wants to order. Once he made his decision for one of the products, our CEO started immediately to source the product. Our CEO contacted the manufacturers of the chosen product, and they started to negotiate the best possible rate for the product and the shipping. They agreed on a rate, which was accepted by our CEOs friend as well. Further, there were questions, whether that device will fit that wheelchair or not if there is a need for a new wheelchair to fit for sure, and more.
After the arrival of the product, our CEO checked it in detail to be sure it is what was ordered. He checked whether all certifications were there or not. If all parts are included, and more. He arranged a meet with his friend in order to hand it over. He mounted it to the preexisting wheelchair, and his friend was good to go.
Another successful story of our sourcing experience.

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