fabrics and clothing sourcing / Beschaffung von Stoffen und Kleidung / 面料和服装采购
January 31, 2020
supporting a tax consultancy / Unterstützung für eine Steuer Beratung / 支持税务咨询
January 31, 2020
branding services for a Startup / Branding Dienstleistungen für ein Startup / 为初创企业提供品牌服务

branding services for a Startup / Branding Dienstleistungen für ein Startup / 为初创企业提供品牌服务

A local startup visited our office for company branding services. We explained to them our services which are including both online and offline branding. They were pretty much satisfied with our pricing and booked the whole plan. Initially, our specialist sat down with the founder to discuss important details about the startup.
Initially, our specialist sat down with the founder to discuss essential details about the startup. He recognised that the startup requires a well-distinguished logo that creates an identity of the company. The specialist also explained the founder about how a graphic logo is more preferred than just a word logo. In no time, they ordered our logo creation service. We discussed with them the colour codes, marks, symbols and visual images that could sum up their vision into a logo. Our specialist continued to discuss the project further by explaining various offline branding techniques. Various advertisement materials like flyers, brochures, business cards, banners, and gifts have been ordered to be printed as per the approved design. Also, to create an impression of belonging within the company environment, various stationery, folders, pens, and other office items were given a new look while maintaining the company colour codes, logo, and name.
After a week, our specialist had a meeting with the founders again discussing creating brand impact among customers. We decided upon printing the company logo on all its packaging materials like cartons, boxes, tapes and also on their complimentary gift items. Social Media Marketing experts were also engaged in creating a social media presence of the company. Also, our specialist guided them to our expert web developer who incorporated the company logo into their website and also managed to infuse the company colour codes throughout their website.
Overall, the founders were really impressed with our All-in-One solution service. From consultancy to printing to web development to marketing, we do it all for our customers and that too at a competitive price. Almost after a month, we sat down with the founders again for the most important segment, which is performance evaluation. We were pleased that the founders felt a difference in their brand recognition. They said now people have started recognising our company by just seeing the logo, which is indeed a great achievement in such a short period.
We thank our experts for committing themselves towards a common goal of excellence.

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