branding services for a Startup / Branding Dienstleistungen für ein Startup / 为初创企业提供品牌服务
January 31, 2020
teaching Seniors the magic of WhatsApp, WeChat/WeiXin, Windows and more / Senioren die Magie von WhatsApp, WeChat/WeiXin, Windows und mehr beibringen / 向老年人传授WhatsApp、微信/伟信、视窗等的魔力
January 31, 2020
supporting a tax consultancy / Unterstützung für eine Steuer Beratung / 支持税务咨询

supporting a tax consultancy / Unterstützung für eine Steuer Beratung / 支持税务咨询

A tax consultant firm reached out to us for their Hardware and Networking related services for their new office. They wanted a quotation for taking up all of their IT related work. Our specialist visited their office to understand their requirements.
Initially, they wanted us to purchase various computer and networking components. They were very impressed with our pricing since we had the best price available in the market. All the computer parts were purchased, assembled, installed and made ready to use within a week. Next, they required all their PCs to be connected to a single network with all the systems able to transfer files to each other and also access the printer. We set up the modem, created a workgroup, connected all the PCs, and created network shares in all the devices. We also set up guest login to the system with limited accessibility.
Now, the office was entirely ready for use with proper networking, internet access, data backup, and security. We offered them our IT support on a monthly contractual basis which covers all support ranging from hardware issues to network installation or any minor troubleshooting; we are just a call away. We got the contract on the basis that they felt our contractual pricing was lesser than having a dedicated IT support employee.

This is what we do – provide the best services at the most competitive price.

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