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Web Design Service

Are you looking to grow your business and to get more conversions? SCHILDT CONSULTING – IT SERVICES is a company that offers services to expand your brand image. The designs created are user-friendly and aim to provide a consistent experience on all the devices. The designs which we offer use WordPress and include the famous Betheme WordPress theme. Check the Examples. You can check the link which can give you an idea of web designing services provided by us. We use the famous Betheme because one can accomplish so many different designs with it and don\’t always have to adapt to different themes, which in the end will generate an excellent design for you. Further, by using the Betheme, you can change the design of your Website at any given time. e.g., after one year, we can overhaul your website and do not need to buy or write a new theme. We have a highly qualified and experienced team to give you customized web designing services. Also, we understand the requirements of clients and enable them with the best possible solutions using upgraded technology. These services are at affordable prices. Our team consists of professional web designers who have years of experience with the latest technologies, which also includes CSS3, HTML5, and PHP.

WordPress Website Design

We will create you a beautiful Website running on WordPress and Betheme. You will have to choose a design you like the most from the examples, and we make it your design. You deliver everything, that should be on your website, and we do it.

Further WordPress Services

Further, we provide many other WordPress services, like Newsletter Setup, WhatsApp Chat setup, WooCommerce setup, and many more tasks. It doesn\’t matter what it is. We can install you any plugin or make it via custom taxonomy. Alternatively, we could make your site multilingual, or we could turn your website into a Site Network.

securing the IT-systems of a tax consultancy firm / die IT-Systeme einer Steuerberatung absichern / 保护税务咨询公司的 IT 系统

Matomo Services

You will have two choices: 1. we install Matomo Analytics System on our Servers, so you only need to login and check your traffic, you do not have to worry about updates and maintenance, and many more. We do it for you. 2. We install Matomo Analytics System on your Domain/Server. Here you would need to care about the maintenance. However, for a monthly fee, we can take care of that for you as well.

Contact and Calendar Server

With this service, you can have your contacts and calendars. You can connect these to Outlook, Thunderbird, iOS, Android, and many others. Again, here we have two options: 1. We can install it on our Servers. You will then simply have to log in. 2. We can install the Server Software on your domain, and you have to keep the maintenance work. Of course, we can do that for a monthly fee.

Domain purchase and Management

The Domain registration Services include email setup, domain setup, domain purchase in your name, and more. Afterward, you have the option to take over the credentials and manage everything on your own or, for a monthly fee, we can do that for you!

other services

Other services that we offer are for example installation and creation of PHP scripts, changing Scrips and much more!

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